Alteration of Brain Default Network in Subacute Phase of Injury in Concussed Individuals: Resting-State fMRI Study

Reviews by Brad Tyson, PHD

This article looks at resting-state fMRI to evaluate the default mode network in two groups of participants: 15 neurologically normal collegiate athletes with no history of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) and 14 collegiate who recently suffered a sports-related mTBI. Scanning in the mTBI group took place within 24 hours of clinical symptoms resolution and medical clearance for the first stage of aerobic activity by their supervising physician, which was 10 (+/-2) days post-injury on average. A third group of nine collegiate athletes with multiple mTBIs that were not scanned within 24 hours of symptom resolution, but nonetheless scanned in 10 (+/-4) days post-injury on average, were included in an exploratory regression analysis. Results demonstrated a higher than average connection strength in the controls when compared to the mTBI group and a downward trend in the number of connections as the number of mTBIs increased. Read more

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