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Concussion-related research article reviews, by the Sports Neuropsychology Seminar (Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth)

Matt Holcomb, PhD, Editor

 This article review project is a collaboration between the Brain Injury Association of NH, the NH Advisory Council for Sports Concussions, and the Section of Neuropsychology’s Sports Neuropsychology group). Members of the Sports Neuropsychology seminar provide a review and summarize the scientific quality of research articles related to sports concussions and post them to a website-blog on the BIANH Concussions webpage.  Access to the site and article abstracts is by invitation (see link). When articles are reviewed and posted, an automatic notification to subscribers will be sent out. The notification will contain the title of the article. The website will serve as the archive for later referencing.


Members of the 2012-2013seminar are: ErinAlmklov, PhD, Lindsay Bell, PhD, Laszlo Erdodi, PhD, Laura Flashman, PhD, Matt Holcomb, PhD, Crystal Lantrip, MA, Art Maerlender, PhD, FadiTayim, MS, Bradley Tyson, PsyD